RASTA TIMES - Chávez is right: Obama has "the same stench" as Bush
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Chávez is right: Obama has "the same stench" as Bush
Posted: Tuesday, March 24, 2009

By Ayinde
March 24, 2009

United States President Obama is picking at Venezuela's President, Hugo Chávez again. Some may have thought and hoped that Obama could have appreciated the efforts of Chávez -- one of the most progressive leaders we have today. However, perhaps cowardice, maybe indifference and definitely ignorance prevail as Obama continues with the anti-progressive and unfriendly US agenda.

Obama said that Chávez has, "..been a force that has interrupted progress in the region." --washingtonpost.com

How dumb do you have to be to believe that?! Obama expects us to believe that he is unaware of the US sponsored bad capitalist fiscal policies, wars, coups and assassinations that have impeded development in Latin America for all these decades? Does Obama not know about the Bush regime's support and involvement in the 2002 coup in Venezuela that attempted to remove the democratically elected president, Hugo Chávez, from office?

Obama said: "We need to be firm when we see this news, that Venezuela is exporting terrorist activities or supporting malicious entities like the FARC...This creates problems that are not acceptable."

Where is any hard evidence of Chávez exporting terrorist activities? Is Obama just relying on news from Chávez's enemies in the media? Obama is going along with these unsubstantiated, malicious accusations that are a continuation of the demonizing campaign from Bush's regime. In reality, it is the US that is involved in terrorist activities in Venezuela by supporting the 2002 coup and the opposition forces that are using violence to advance their political agenda.

I am not surprised as I knew that Obama is not much different in mindset and policies to other US presidents who are first and foremost about protecting the interest of the White elites at home and abroad. Obama could turn out to be the worst US president ever. He is the non-White face in front of US imperialism that caught many so-called progressive Whites and non-Whites unaware.

However, he has exposed the weakness in many who thought they were revolutionaries but, deep down inside, believe that America is this great nation and the problem is just some of the leaders and the poor decisions they make. They do not get that the 'American Way' is fundamentally flawed. The politics are corrupt, their idea of democracy is a farce, and White superiority is firmly entrenched. Obama is demonstrating that America does not require a White leader to uphold the illusion of White superiority.

Leslie already said it: "Change...What Change?"
"I think, to some extent, it would be a good thing for Americans to experience what we here in the Caribbean, and indeed other parts of the world, have been experiencing for decades: White rule with an African, mixed race or Asian face."

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