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What I perceive 'Jah' to be
Posted: Friday, April 21, 2006

By Ayinde
April 21, 2006

I know the Universal Life Force or Essence, which to I is the heart of all that exist. Jah and God are not my terms of choice. If I ever happen to use them it would be in the same context as when I say Universal Essence or Universal Life Force. This force is the essential knowledge of life.

All aspects of nature contain bits of this essence but in their fragmented state they are not the Universal Essence/Life Force. These fragmented bits of essence are developing through many stages to grasp (or connect up with) more of itself. Through essentially reconnecting to the Universal Life Force, then that aspect (conscious person) has become an extension of that Universal Life Force.

An analogy:

Houses have to connect to the main water system (source) so people get running water within their houses. You can use the supply of water when you want (you have to know how to 'turn on' the main). Your house remains unique to your personal experiences and taste but you share the common water supply. That water supply is comparable to our common Universal Self/Essence/Life Force.

All the connections that allow the water to be collected, purified and distributed constitute the mind of the water system. Once connected you automatically become part of that vast network.

The work with humans is to reconnect thus harmonize with the Universal Essence/Life Force. In that way conscious beings do not lose their individuality while they share the same Universal Essence and Mind. Essential truths would be easily grasped by all reconnected people, as truths are experienced and make sense on many more levels than just the gross intellectual and emotional ones. Individual minds harmonize with the Universe so ones have access to a whole range of truths, thoughts and experiences.

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