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One Mind in Many - Many Minds in One
Posted: Friday, December 30, 2005

By Ayinde

Eja asked: "Do we Africans have procedures that we can use in order that we may achieve a high degree of consciousness?"

All of us have the ability to assist others to achieve high states of consciousness. People can continually learn about ourselves (oneself) and act on every truth that we discover (after research and reasoning). Our ability to help each other depends on the quality and quantity of truths that we discover in ourselves. People should try to get a direct experience with themselves to move from understanding to knowing.

Eja asked: "How can these procedures be disseminated to the ones who need it most of all (i.e. the youth)?"

People disseminate these abilities when they consistently act on everything they realize is true, while continually evaluating their positions for improving. If you are as honest as you can be, given what you know, then you speak and act in a manner that will be the best example to others.

Eja asked: "Is it not true that until a majority of us have the same aim, we will never realise our potential as a people?"

You are correct. Fortunately the majority of people have the same innate aim. They just do not all realize it at the same time. As more people choose to live better and share their experiences, a greater number of people will come into consciousness. People should share what they realize is the best way forward, but should not infringe on the rights of others while doing so. People can only get conscious by choice, not force.

Eja asked: "Is it not true that this lack of a common/autonomous focus is what has enabled our enemies to play one sector off against another?"

Lacking self identity fragments people. Regaining self identity reconciles people to their inner higher selves, then to the truth in all else.

Eja asked: "So, should'nt our main purpose at this time be searching for (and implementing ways) through which an influential majority will have our interests as one people first and foremost in thier minds?"

Yes. My opinion about the way to do this is multifaceted but one work really. People should continually work at raising their consciousness towards reuniting with the ultimate influential majority in the Universe and on earth.

Reprinted from:
The Rastafari Speaks Message Board

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