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Questions about Rastafari
Posted: Saturday, October 8, 2005

Posted By: Eja

Ayinde, Akymanah and Bantu Kelani have re-stated the ORIGINAL definition and the reason behind the iception of Rastafari. The questions I am posing now, with unreserved humility, ARE NOT addressed to everybody on this message board. Just to the hypocrites (i.e. unkkkles tom and sam) who are presently posing as African liberators.

Some of these questions have been asked before, but, the ones directly in the line avoided the point. They danced onto other things in order to distract from the kernel of the matter. So, I will come again.

Why do you find it easier to relate to the explanation of the semites than to that of indigenous Africa?

When you speak of your African heritage, why do you omit the indigenous people of Africa from amongst whom diaspora Africans in the west came? Your family tree (it seems) grew from east Africa, into the western dispora. You know (or say little) about the cultures of the Mandinka, Wolof, Kru, Mossi, Hausa, Kongo, Ashanti, Ibo, and other nations along THE WESTERN COASTLINE OF AFRICA from whom you are DIRECTLY descended. You are not descended from the Amhara so, why do you find it easier to identify with thier culture?

Is it because you see the civilizations of the west coast as being inferior to the Amhara civilization? Could it be that you have no wish to identify with the evil animals who sold your ancestors into captivity? Or, is your preference only based on the fact that the Amhara are 'fair-skinned' and have 'good hair'? (I have noticed that dictionaries defines 'fair' as 'good').

I mentioned the outer attributes of the Amhara because I have also noticed that you seem to have little interest in the darker peoples of East Africa, you say nothing about the Dinka, the Nuba, the Kikuyu or even the Oromo. You say NOTHING about the people ORIGINALLY identified as Ethiopians. It is like to you, they do not exist. The mixed race nations within the borders of Africa are recent creations. The Fula, the Tutsi and the Amhara are people descended from the mixture of semite and African. Which means, they are even younger than the 'semites'. Yet, we know that African civilization existed thousands of years before ANY of these were created.

You, like the european colonialist before you, seem to find it easier to relate to the mixed race nations. Do I lie?

Is'nt your insistence on holding the Amhara so tight sourced in an earlier rejection of your UNDILUTED African root? "We are all mixed" they say. But, even if one were to agree with that opinion, even if one were to acknowledge that not all his/her ancestors were 100% Black African, one could still identify oneself totally with the first ancestor. The source. The perfect Black. One could say , "When I see God in a human form, I see one who is BLACK. Pure, TOTAL BLACK."

So, is'nt your DOGGED assertion of the primacy of the Amhara explanation, not in fact a way of you disguising your SHAMEFUL desire to hold on to the semite? Your desire to dethrone BLACKNESS?

And, why are you so afraid of the perfect Black? Why do you refuse to let go of the semite? Is it that you see the UNDILUTED indigenous culture as being too inpenetrable (i.e too 'alien')? Is this why is judeo-christianity the DEFAULT position of your spiritual sense?

Now, to the one who claims to be from the continent, why do you come on here muttering prayers in Amhara/hebrew? Is your African language incapable of constructing a prayer or, do you believe that the Power to whom your prayers are addressed only understands Amhara/hebrew?

And I will not leave out the one who comes on here and calls himself a 'ras' (even though the foundation belief behind most of his posts seems to be from the war he is waging against 'black devils', 'alien replacements' etc.).

He is saying nothing new. I know where he is coming from. I have heard this type of talk before. It was coming from ones who called themselves the followers of something called 'zadok'. They also claimed to be Rastafari and the main thrust of thier arguement was this : "What is called the atlantic slave trade was a conspiracy between aliens (black and white devils) whose plan was to rid Africa of it's original inhabitants. The white alien devils waited on the coast while thier black alien devil brothers went into the interior to hunt down the original Africans (who were also the original hebrews in the bible). Over the centuries of the trade, every single one of these original hebrew Africans was hunted down, placed on a slave ship and sent to America and the Caribbean. And when they were done, only ALIEN BLACK DEVILS were left in Africa....."

Now, it may be that this person arrived at his theory independent of 'zadok', but, then again, there are millions of 'whites' who hold the same views as the ones promoted by neo-nazis without ever joining up, attending a meeting or even reading a neo-nazi journal. They hold the same views, and given a chance, would do thier best to bring about the same desired outcome.

And I have said before that when I hear a person state a belief, I ask what this belief can be used for, and, it did not take long to work out the purpose behind the devising of this 'black and white alien devils' theory. The intention is to create an effective explanation for why diaspora Africans should stay away from continental Africans. Because, not only did they (continental Africans) sell the real hebrews(diaspora Africans) into captivity, they did it as part of a conspiracy. Now, who knows if that conspiracy is still going on? In fact, it probabaly is, therefore, best to avoid them. Yes.

So, who would this dis-unity benefit? Who are the ones peddling ideologies that would seperate Africans really working for?

When I say one man is not the Almighty, one language is not the language of the Almighty, and, other roads lead to the truth, what am I saying? Then, when you say, all roads lead to one man, his language is the holy word and only he ever attained to (and will ever attain to) the status of 'God', what are you saying?

Like it or not, you are ultimately headed in the direction of the followers of 'zadok'. That is where your logic will lead you (if you are not already there). Then, what?

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