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White feminist women controlling Black Women?
Posted: Monday, March 28, 2005

Pianke Nubiyang said: "Black boys are DELIBERATELY AND SYSTEMATICALLY TAKEN FROM THEIR FATHERS' INFLUENCE AND CONTROL BY WOMEN WHO CARE ONLY ABOUT BEING 'STRONG BLACK WOMEN' AND WHO ARE BRAINWASHED BY FEMINIST TO TREAT BLACK MEN ANY WAY THE CHOOSE. Ironically and paradoxically, the same 'feminist' white women who have filled the heads of sisters with propaganda of abortion, divorce, 'strongism,' and materialism over raising good children and keeping families together....THESE WHITE WOMEN ARE THE SAME ONES RUNNING AFTER BLACK MEN."
Rastafari Speaks Message Board

Response by Ayinde

The basic premise behind what is being stated in Pianke Nubiyang's post is false in my view. Of course we know that the white system heavily contributed to the breakdown of the black family. So we are not debating this.

The white orchestrated breakdown in the black family resulted in a whole host of downstream abuses. The more transparent abuses include the beating of women, alcoholism, drug abuse, and males being away from their homes for long hours. They were/are generally out with the boys, chasing other females, having to work long hours to make some money to feed the family, or a combination of some or all of the above. Many females do some of this also. Wife and child beatings were common in both black and white families. Females were mostly dependant on the males for money, so in that regard, being subservient to the male, they tolerated much. One of the legacies of white male domination is that black males (not all) adopted a lesser but similar conduct towards black females and black children. The worst of it was felt by dark-skinned black females and children. Many males considered it their Christian oriented god given right to automatically be the dominant/forceful ones in homes. Reasonings between partners were few and far between, and the male was the lone authority figure. I am not even spelling out the depth of this.

Today things have shifted somewhat and we can say they were spurred on by the white feminist movement. But are you going to tell me that strong Black women are being instructed or manipulated by white feminists to degrade the black male? Well that is a serious stretch. Of course this argument would have to involve colorism, as the material advancement made by light-skinned black women in many quarters, is not a reflection of how the system impacts on dark-skinned black women. Like with colorism and racism in general, both ignorant males and females are worshiping lighter shades, so in that respect if one wants to say that light-skinned black females are more valued by the system, I can agree with that, especially as they are ‘valued' for sex by both dark-skinned black and white males. The system still does not favour dark-skinned black women, who simply get the residual benefit of being able to challenge some abuses through the courts.


You are giving the impression that the Rasta man in a general way is somehow better, while many cannot agree on what constitutes a Rasta man, besides the obvious dreadlocks, possibly smoking marijuana and hailing Selassie. But among many who are generally accepted as Rasta men, in my area at least, the conduct is the same male arrogance. Where I reside it is not uncommon to hear some Rasta men claim they are following in the footsteps of the biblical King Solomon, when they want to legitimize their many sexual partners. They do not accept that right for females. Of course, quite often they can hardly take care of the many children they have with multiple partners. Male domination is part of the general abuses to women. These issues in the 'Rasta family' are often no different than in any other family, and can be especially damaging as they are under the guise of 'liberation from oppression'. So I would not say in a general way that the Rasta man is better. Not even the ‘Rasta man' wants to stay where he is, no wonder some accept the white females for the material trappings that go with it. 'Humble to the Rastaman?' Well females should not automatically take guidance from any man, Rasta or otherwise. Having been involved in social work for years, I see the same type of abuses across the board when dealing with blacks, and it is mostly abuses at the hands of males.

The general stress that some males feel, now that the male dominated paradigm has shifted somewhat, is only because more females are employed, can pay their own way, and are not totally dependant on males. The discomfort has more to do with male insecurities and unwillingness to adapt to a more self-reliant woman. I am not saying that these self-determined women are right or wrong; I am saying they are liable to make mistakes just like males.

It is not like black females are deliberately getting into relationships with black males, making children and then running those males from their homes to bring up the children alone. The situation with black males is a combination of oppressive laws, low levels of awareness that reinforces male insecurities and the feeling of losing the little power/authority they exercised in the home. To claim that this is part of some black female and white feminist collusion to undermine black males is ludicrous. It is the corrupt racist system, combined with the ignorance and arrogance of both black males and females that contributes to this undermining of each other.

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