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Re: Black Disorganization
Posted: Friday, February 25, 2005

By Ayinde
Taken from: Africa Speaks Reasoning forum

While I can easily agree with the many stated objectives of Black organizations, I do not necessarily agree with their methods.

There are too many concepts thrown around like clichés without real substantive meanings to go with them. One such concept is "African unity"; another is "African freedom". It is quite understandable that many feel that they are working towards these objectives, but without clear definitions and methods for attaining these objectives people can be in reality doing little to nothing for a long time.

It is quite in order for organizations to have objectives (however undefined they may be) but the methods or order for attaining such can show if they are really making progress. The order for doing things has to be realized.

How can people lead works for the freedom of people in general if they do not understand or experience personal freedom? How can people lead moves for Unity on a grander scale if they do not experience and understand Unity within their own selves? How can people ever expect to be in CONTROL if daily they demonstrate a lack of self-control?

Often we see individuals screaming for help for African causes when their real concerns are personal. They usually superimpose their personal dramas over the collective, and although the collective may have similar issues, their real focus is narrowly personal. It is for this reason we see when some reach a measure of comfort with their personal issues they no longer show an appreciation for the collective efforts.

Many people are aware that they have serious shortcomings but they casually accept them as being human. These same people then expect others to change. The hypocrisies thwart all works.

It is by the efforts of people who are working towards their own personal freedom, (unity with their selves, self-control etc.) that automatically allows the global objectives to be realized.

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