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Whites and Repatriation
Posted: Thursday, April 15, 2004

Universal Blackness?

Posted by raggamuffin
Africa Speaks Reasoning board/Human Beginnings

Since humanity was born out of Africa, should other non-black races be included in the back to Africa movement?
Should whites consider this their home as well?

Please reason with me on this complex issue.


Response by Ayinde

While it is legal for whites to migrate where they wish like anyone else, I don't support any white person moving to Africa under the label of repatriation, which as the previous poster said, is a term generally used for those Africans who were forcibly removed from Africa.

There are Whites that embrace some brand of Rastafari, go to Africa to reside, and they then call that repatriation. Although some Blacks embrace this as a sign of togetherness, I don't. I see it as a cop-out by some Whites that should be in the West trying to dismantle the antisocial capitalist system.

Remember that I said I don't support it, not that I can stop it. But I do all in my power to ensure that my funds do not go to such muddling moves.

Blacks who embrace this are equally delusional as they fantasize about a world of earthly togetherness that is not based on justice for all. Justice mandates that those who have benefited from the abuse of others should pay reparations, and they should allow the former victims to rediscover their own social systems. Any well-intentioned White person should invest their time and resources in educating themselves and others about the ills of the capitalist system as it is, and they should be using their 'privileged' position in these societies to fund and promote progressive Black movements without trying to take controlling interest.

To add insult to injury, some whites leave the West and go to Africa then want others to finance them. This to me is a gross insult. Resources should be going to Africa to support progressive Black movements, and to alleviate the sufferings of those indigenous to the region that cannot easily move out. Resources should not be going to Whites who choose to go back there to play 'grassroots poor'. Those Whites should leave Africa, Repatriate to the West, and get a job. Their history first exploited Africa, now they return to extract more, and divert necessary attention and funding from more deserving African causes.

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