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Ha! Those White so-called liberals
Posted: Sunday, March 7, 2004

by Ayinde

Those White so-called liberals, French and Canadian alike, should know that most informed Africans do not buy their clean hands image in relation to the Iraq war. We know quite well that you 'liberals' are no different from Bush and company, especially when the aggression is directed towards African nations, and other so-called third world countries, e.g. Haiti and Zimbabwe.

Blair has done his part not to come over as a hypocrite to his whiteness by supporting Bush's warmongering. Make as much noise as you wish in Britain, we Blacks know quite well that you are not sending Blair to face war crimes charges. Pomp and ceremony as it relates to Eurocentric protests, but we do know when it comes to the crunch, you are not really standing up for justice all around.

How many of these anti-war, so-called liberal, so-called progressive writers, and their fans who wish us to believe they are humanitarians, would want to use their privileges and finances to back Black liberation movements or better yet starve the capitalist movement? How many are prepared to leave Blacks to work out their own systems of governance without demanding that they be placed at the helm or have some controlling interest? I dare say that I do not believe any of you are serious.

Yes, I too did not support the War in Iraq or Afghanistan, not because I wanted to look progressive, but because I have witnessed the effects of European Arrogance and Greed on Black people, and saw how it has also denied most white people the right to have a fair say in their politics. The Bravado of many White writers only speaks of their confidence in a system that they know is not targeting them. They feel slavery is over but fail to examine their own slave status, holding on to the remnants of privileges that their color brings them.

So in the backdrop of that, I don't expect many Whites to lose any sleep over the U.S., France, and Canadian inspired and/or assisted coup in Haiti. France and Canada were only too willing to show the Bush administration that their lack of support for the Iraq war does not affect their skin allegiance. They know on what side of the fence their privileges are aligned. So onward backward you brazen hypocrites, and show us all the extent of your character, for you do not know who is really watching.

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