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Jesus, Christianity and 2000 yrs of Self Delusion
Posted: Monday, November 10, 2003

by Ras Tyehimba

People are free to and have a right to believe what ever they want to believe. I will just state things as I see them. If ones think that whatever path is true, then they should just try to give their all in it.

Christianity like Islam and other mainstream religions were developed from the periphery of indigenous African traditions. Christianity, Judaism, Islam were never the highlight, were never the highpoint of African consciousness, as it contained just fragments of authentic practices but lacked the totality to provide a holistic framework for higher development. Concepts and stories from African civilizations provided the foundation for a lot of the mythology, beliefs and practices found in Christianity and the bible. The Virgin Mary and Jesus is a carbon copy of Isis (Auset) and Heru (Horus), which existed thousands of years before the alleged birth of 'Jesus the Christ'. This version of Auset and Heru, remodeled with White skin, blue eyes and blond hair has been one of the most damaging myths ever unleashed on the Black world. It upheld the notion that light/white skin is the epitome of what is best and this notion has been just another piece of the White Supremacy puzzle that has been propagated in Christianity's bloody quest to assert itself as a global religious powerhouse.

History has documented the massacres, savagery and ruthlessness of Christianity, shown by missionaries, explorers and mercenaries alike, intent on gaining money and power at all cost. The belief that God has a chosen people as put forth by the bible has also caused havoc globally, causing some maniacs in this time to claim divine authorization to invade, plunder and kill, as with the story of the Israelites plunder of Canaan where God supposedly gave the order to invade, kill and plunder a land that wasn't theirs. Added to this confusion is the inferior position that the woman is relegated to in the Bible where she is blamed for the downfall of mankind. The patriarchal nature of the bible is often taken for granted, a reflection of the wider world where Patriarchalism and the resulting implication of female discrimination is glossed over and ignored.

The story of Adam and Eve (adapted from Sumerian and other indigenous myths) can only be about 7 thousand years for the most, while mankind has been around for much longer. Yet there are a lot of people who view this as a historical fact. Manipulation of media/education to give credence to these myths has been one of the hallmarks of Global Patriarchal White Supremacy. The so-called Ten Commandments supposedly handed down to Moses on Mt Sinai are part of a larger collection of precepts, called the Precepts of Maat that predate Moses. There is much evidence far older than the bible that very clearly shows the foundation not only of The Bible and Christianity but Hinduism, Buddhism, philosophy, engineering, medicine, astrology, astronomy, Yoga, numbers, the alphabet, mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. The evidence is there, but its not highlighted in the mainstream media because those that are in control are ignorant, have their own agenda's or both. As a result they have no wish to upset the status quo of their own privileges.

I think that the bible contains some truth, and within the framework of conscious self-development, a higher understanding of the stories contained in the bible could be realized. However I don't think that it is necessary to a person's development. All the truth and keys needed to unlock the mysteries of the universe is within, and need to be directly experienced to be properly validated. It has been the shortfall of mainstream religion to think that the infinite nature of the cosmic consciousness (God) could be captured in the boundedness of a book. Even the most 'God inspired' writer can't relay the fullness of an experience with words. The experience has to be experienced for it to be properly and fully understood. There is no substitute for experience especially not (blind) faith. The experience is the ultimate evidence.

For me, its more than having a strict set of rules that says don't do this or do that. It's about providing context for one's every action and critically examining the intention behind such actions.
I think that people can discern through the truths of any religion even Christianity and evolve to higher essential truths. However it takes courage and integrity (among other things) to work through the years of social conditioning that encourages the masses to walk away from the reality of their divinity and engage blind faith. Those that imbibe this conditioning often can do no better than uphold the status quo of injustice and inequality because that is what is taught to them. They are systemically taught to blind themselves.

There is no shortcut around the hard work of constant character refinement and critical self-examination. Those that want to use the idea of a savior (other than oneself) or repentance as an excuse not to do the work necessary to reconcile with one's Higher self can do so, but natural law is accorded whether one is knowledgeable about it or not. In grasping history, reasoning, and examining every word, thought and deed, we can elevate ourselves beyond the prison of our own karmic creation.

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