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Concerning INTEGRITY
Posted: Wednesday, August 6, 2003

by Bantu Kelani

In light of brother Ayinde thread on "Integrity or Race first" .. After studying his teachings, I took the TIME to think about them from a new perspective. I would like to address this idea of Integrity again from another frame of mind...

Depression, pain, suffering, and PRIDE destroy the LOVE we SHOULD have for one another and are our worst enemy, as each of us mistakenly assume that the physical world and bad things are the only reality, the ultimate Truth.

We make mistakes and misjudge one another's intentions. Without a Cosmic consciousness or VIRTUE we are wrong and inevitably hurt ourselves. Without integrity, we seriously compromise and sin to the extent of offending another person without dealing with that person and their behavior, continuing confrontation without resolving our own trauma and emotions. In doing so we are destroying something BEAUTIFUL, which could be maintained with HONESTY, HUMILITY and more focus.

We live to learn and I have learnt. Now I think, even if the HURT is too deep we have to be willing and take the time to HEAL ourselves first! Our Hope should be to take care of others as brothers and friends in general following the laws of the cosmic mind, the life force spirit of wisdom and Intellect. To reach out is MAAT, to repair is always MAAT, a better day for tomorrow. So many things need to be done, like promoting Black collective freedom and by extension other citizens and people Freedom also by making some SERIOUS plans and going out into the community and volunteering to make a difference for the future... If there is a man or a woman then there is Power and Capacity at the right time. So if there is Power and capacity at the right time, then truly this man or woman demeanor and actions should be properly conducted and Integrity should never be compromise no matter how the TEST.

Integrity should never be called into question. In my instance I confess to often get carried away with Emotion. But I TRY to do better in the future and honor the Afrikan principles of MAAT and TRUTH instead of discrediting it. We should not be swayed by emotions in moments of Trauma, but defeat our lower self (greed, ignorance, deceit, anger, egoism) to indulge in our higher self (cosmic consciousness, persistence, focus, and WISDOM).

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