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Posted: Sunday, May 11, 2003

by Ayinde

Homosexuality is a sore point among Rastafarians, especially those who try to define the standards by which all others should live. All people will not be Rastafarians and Rastafarians should not be so quick to dismiss people outright, without having clearly definable reasons.

How is their lifestyle denying Rastas the right to do anything including open businesses, getting jobs and developing spiritually?

What is the reasoning on the subject?

If some Rastas choose to dissociate from homosexuality that is their choice but the tone of the chatter on the subject is usually about "dissing" others outright, only because they do not share their sexual preferences. Certainly many homosexuals were misled and some have biological abnormalities but it is not our business to make rules for everyone.

Those who do not like it and feel to lobby Hollywood are free to so do, and those who feel it is worth promoting are always free to so do as well. Sensible people would not be looking for role models in Hollywood anyway; they would be busy developing alternative media.

Those who reason with people instead of trying to dictate to them will learn that some fair perspectives on life do come from homosexuals (both male and female). You really do not have to consider having sex with everyone you reason with; it's that simple.

It is not only homosexuals that I disagree with regards to sexuality. I also disagree with many 'regular' people's views on sexuality, but that is only worth sharing if that aspect of them becomes an integral part of our reasoning.

That does not mean that we cannot reason together or that I want them wiped out. It simply means that we have a different understanding on the functions of sex. I am cool as long as people's preferences does not infringe on my rights/freedoms.

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