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A View Of The Iraq War
Posted: Tuesday, April 29, 2003

By David Williams

The world changed on September 11. A new point of reference for Earth Time could very well be AD S11. America's foreign policy and forked tongue had slowly been causing anti-American sentiment, especially in the Middle East, to reach a virtual boiling point. Policies that on the surface seemed to be liberating and people-oriented, but actually failed to live up to the words spoken. By whosever's hand the tragedy of so many lives lost, and so instantly, gave the American people a rude awakening to the fact that a lot of people really don't like them and their ways.

No matter how many times the then Mayor Guillani or Bush himself called upon God about just cause, America is not a Godly country. They uphold church-going and state dinners, but they are not Godly. You cannot ban prayer in schools and public places and claim closeness to God.

A conspiracy theory is that the 'powers that be' (any governmental agency) orchestrated, or were responsible for, a sequence of events leading up to September 11 so that the said 'powers' could then claim legitimacy under the guise of routing terrorism (the axis of evil) and go into foreign areas and do their thing ... looking for WMD (weapons of mass destruction).

(Note: The conflict is over militarily, yet no WMD have been found. Will they 'find a site; like how Powell 'found' the now known falsified document about WMD which he presented to Congress for the go ahead to be given. Alas, the New World Order is well on its way.)

Whether or not we want to entertain conspiracy theories (the death of Manley being another one) 9/11 gave the Bush Administration the green light to pursue pre-emptive strikes against 'old foes'. The Bush-fire was started in 1980 by the President' father.

Note: The CIA trained Bin Laden (Al Qaeda) in the late 70s. The US once supported Iraq against Iran (Ayatollah). Yet the US supported the Shah of Iran (a mass murderer like Saddam) before Ayatollah. Politics is a ting!

So the War Dogs gather and discuss war plans ... target? Iraq. Motive? Hmmmm.... Plan! Move in quickly, overwhelm, capture, liberate and win the harts and minds of the Iraqi people who have been 'suffering' for the past 30 years.
(Note: an ordinary Iraqi citizen made this remark shortly after the looting started, which quickly got out of control: "Before the war we did not have psychological stability, but at least we had stability in security.")

Yes Saddam is not a saint and the gassing of 5000 Kurds (its own people) is definitely an atrocity. But if the 'liberator's' claim they have won, they can only claim victory on the battlefield. They have failed miserably in areas that prove that they again spoke with a forked tongue and really didn't have the people's well being, heritage, culture and future security at heart...uhmm. Or was the ulterior motive oil and white domination? Elect a Government 'of the people" but control from a distance. The plot thickens.

At the beginning of the conflict the US screamed about Iraq violating the Geneva Convention Code of Conduct in wartime. (Some US POWs had been paraded unceremoniously on Iraqi television.)

(Note: Emperor Haile Selassie was instrumental in the formation of the League of Nations (Geneva) to bring to light the need for 'collective security; when an aggressor nation invades a weaker/lesser sovereign country, the collective council members rally to the cause of the nation under threat. Selassie took his cause to the League in 1936 and was ridiculed at which point he made the prophetic statement: "Today for me, tomorrow for you." The rest is history... the match which was struck in Ethiopia 'bun dung Europe/Rome - World War 11.")

The US needs to seriously take a look in the mirror, for while screaming foul about the code violations they have themselves committed a far greater violation than merely mistreating POWs. Months before the military moved their forces in Iraq, persons of authority in archaeology, collection and historians gathered from all over the world and had a meeting with the US Army heads who again, as in so many cases over the years (centuries) gave their word (forked tongue) that along with the speed of the military machine (which did overwhelm the Iraq Army) would follow just as swiftly humanitarian essentials. Water, food, shelter, medicine and most importantly, security for the Museum/Library and other important cultural and archaeological sites... the global police that they are.

They failed to do this. They failed because while calling upon God so often in their 'cause', they have allowed the destruction of God's Garden, God's History and the birthplace of one of the great Patriarchs, Abraham whose seed became all of us, like the sand of the sea shore - Muslim, Christian.

Their failure to secure these sites smacks of a systematic plan to erase a people's knowledge of their past. We have all lost common ground here, as what was lost not only recorded Iraqi history, but also the history of mankind.

People are people everywhere, and ignorance is a trait shared by all at one time or another... and we do foolish things. The people should not be blamed, and don't blame the youth. America must be blamed. Apart from giving assurances about security for cultural sites, no one can convince me that the US - what with their psy-ops Programme of psychological warfare and propaganda and the study of people' psyche - could not have foreseen the lawlessness which followed the fall of Baghdad. It happened in the 1990 Gulf War, so once bitten, twice shy.

Thirty-five years of restriction and oppression burst like a dam of emotion, spilling into the streets ransacking, looting and destroying in the frenzy of revolution. The US military stood by and watched. A concerned Iraqi citizen ran up to a command post and yelled to the Marine on duty what was happening to the Library. The Marine's response was: "Hey, this buy says they're burning some place with some history books." Americans have no ancestry of culture (unless stolen), so this Marine hasn't a clue what was realy burning.

(Note: Ever notice America is always fixing what they have broken and ever notice no Black man ever narrates a documentary about saving the Planet?)

(Note: Marcus Garvey said: "A people without the knowledge of their past are doomed to repeat it." People know thyself.

Books, manuscripts, scrolls, artifacts and priceless other treasures dating back thousands of years are ... gone! Irreplaceable! Shame, America, for your smile hideth false pretence. The destruction was premeditated and systematic. Regime change was the cover... annihilation of a people and their culture was the motive.

Plan#2... Democratize, Americanize and Westernize. TV, Soap operas, propaganda, fast foods & fashion, and all that glitters. After a while all will be caught up in this new glittery world of order brought by the US. After a while, the people will believe anything. Already they are saying: "Thank you Mr. Bush." There goes Massa again.
(Note: A lie unchallenged eventually becomes 'fact'. - Mutabaruka)

An example of slow, systematic perversion of literature to dissolve a peo0ple's thought process, is the way some new edition Bibles change the word Ethiopia for Sudan when referring to "this man and that man were born in her; Ethiopian shall stretch forth her hands unto God."

Throughout the ages, white supremacy has sought to subdue, dominate and force their 'superiority'; on other races. White people have bestowed upon themselves the distinction of being remembered in history with despots like Hitler, Mussolini and Willia Lynch. Saddam may have caused 35 years of grief, but Ame4ica did the same if not worse in a month. And they did it 'pretty'.

To the very end the Iraqi Information Minister kept a stiff upper lip with scathing remarks meted out at the invaders, even in the face of eminent defeat. A true leader in his own right. One such remark stated that the invaders' bellies would be frilled in hell by God. I would personally hope that they toss and turn at night, not ever finding rest.

(Final Note: Jah is not sleeping and it is He who is ultimately in control. No matter how much suffering is apparent, His Will, will be done and will be complete... only Him mek promise and keep. Pharaoh thought he was in control ... and so too Bush and his lackeys. They and they that fight against the Lamb will be swallowed up in the Prophecy of Time.

There will be no Peace until there is Equal Rights and Justice (Peter Tosh).


(c) D. Williams2003

Editor's Note:

While this article touches on some pertinent points it also draws on some vague assumptions that are worth reasoning out.

"Pharaoh thought he was in control."

"You cannot ban prayer in schools and public places and claim closeness to God."

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