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Time for Rastas to get economics
Posted: Saturday, April 12, 2003

From: RasIene, Apr 10th, 2003

I and I know that we need to start build economic ties within our community. Just as the Hasidic Jews are doing and have done.

We need to encourage our children to gain rapid entrance through economics and business management, vital services in housing and health care too.

We have to start charting our government now. Where are the Rasta Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher and most of all where is our school? Let me hear Idrens and Sistren talk about this. We cannot be moving to Ethiopia and donít have these things in place. We need economic power, business power, and enterprise power. Yes man, let us show the world that Rastas is no foolish philosophy feeding off bible pages and reciting reggae beats only. Let cramp and paralyze babylon with our industry and our economic will.

Blessed all RasIene.

Response: Ayinde, Apr 12th, 2003

You have honorable intentions.

I know Rastafarians in prominent positions like lawyers and teachers and some in well-established financial institutions, but some of them alienate themselves from the grassroots. There are a few I know who are building and doing great things, for example, the owner of Frontline Distributions who remains in touch with our common struggle. He does quite a lot within the Rastafarian community.

People who have not reached that place of peace and harmony with themselves have split loyalties. They try to serve themselves while being slaves to matter. It is not possible for such people to build economic and other instructions void of the corruptions and temptations that plague the flesh. Their earthbound ties will generally overrule their underdeveloped selves and lead to other cycles of degradation.

For most people the learning continues until they can reach the heights of consciousness where they are so comfortable in their spiritual and physical domain that they can easily build with others of a similar nature.

All of this is easier said than done as few people have attained that state of harmony. So the work continues to assist others to reach similar states.

Meanwhile each must share and learn as best they can and put into practice the truths, as they understand it. They may not be right all the time but they will be honest to themselves, which leaves them open to learning bigger truths.

It is understandable that many are looking for big institutional development to rival that on the ignorant world. But wisdom suggests that in enlightening others these houses of development can be built without the display of opulence. They are being built so quietly that the world of ignorance cannot disturb these processes.

Those bent on ignorance will not know of them therefore they cannot come to corrupt and or distract. These new houses are guarded by the intelligence of the inner higher self (JAH), through the wisdom that comes to all who have attained that unity.

It will be interesting to see other views on this.

Continue this reasoning here...

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