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The Meaning of Reasoning
Posted: Friday, March 14, 2003

Ras Mandingo jahson

Greetings Idrens and Sistrens,

I was wondering about the word "reasoning". That's something I feel happy I can exercise here. I was trying to find a word in Portuguese, and ended up building one, as I couldn't find one that I felt really represented this feeling. When we translate, we actually make an interpretation, looking for ideas that can be compared.

Reason (raz„o in Portuguese), the capacity that we all have to FEEL when something is right. We get to clearly SEE something that someone tells us, and we can confirm this in the very inside of our conscience.

Reasoning, the action of being able to use one's reason. I thought about araz„onamento, in Portuguese, which doesn't really exist as a word. You do have arazoamento; this is the word in classic Portuguese, even though I don't FEEL it really transmits ALL I FEEL in the word reasoning.

Yes, reasoning is an art. Art is articulation, and so is reasoning.

I guess one thing necessary for a person to be able to reason is that the person is humble, is striving to be free, free from mental bondages and slavery. This is a powerful exercise for the mind. Our mind gets stronger with that and as a result, we get to be able to RELATE to other people, strengthen the intimacy and the human relation with everybody.

I guess, this is one of the greatest treasures in Rasta Livity: Reasoning Process. Sometimes there are some fiery feelings, but, if the intention is of brotherhood, the differences can be exercised and the similarities can be strengthened.

I give thanks and blessed love for the possibility of being here, daily (and nightly), virtually and still reality, reasoning and learning and growing and clarifying and demystifying...

Yes RASTAFARI, NYABINGI I, EARTH RIGHTFUL RULER, Blessed be the power of revelation by Information and Inity.

Ras Mandingo Jahson


From Ayinde

Reasoning is a discussion in pursuit of higher meaning. It is supposed to be the same as an intense dialogue. Most of these important words are abused today.

To reason on an issue, parties must have some familiarity with the subject matter and are prepared to re-evaluate their views and opinions when a higher truth is presented.

The problem with most people is their false sense of self (ego) gets in the way. They are usually playing for an audience or are deliberately saying things that they do not genuinely believe in order to distort or distract.

Reasoning is a very sacred thing as what is being said must be the truth, as the speakers understand it. It involves the exchanges of meaning and not simply repeating words that both parties interpret differently.

Reasoning is not easy; it involves the ongoing search for more truths to ACT upon.

In ancient times parties in disagreement would have special meetings where they would smoke herbs or drink java before engaging the issues. They would first spend time stating their ancestral lineage to realize their most ancient connections before tackling the problem. This allowed them to rekindle their humanity/common relations so they could reason as part of a larger family. What they agreed upon in that state is what would be acted upon. Today sensible people do not have to smoke or drink to do this but still most people do not rekindle their common bonds before engaging serious discussions.

Think of the difference this would make to the Israeli/Palestinian issue if before they started talking about their disagreements they use the current historical and scientific information to rekindle awareness of their common humanity. With that information refreshed in their minds they could then go about discussing the issues.

Reason (the pursuit of the highest truth) is the meaning of life.

Continue this reasoning here...

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