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Yes I... a clearer overstanding
Posted: Sunday, March 2, 2003

Posted By: IanI, Rasta Guidance

Irie Greetings!

Ras Mandingo, you original question puts a serious limitation pon the overstanding of Rastafari. Cause Rasta a not no 'organized religious faith' like some church denomination. Seen.

As Ayinde explain so nicely, Rastafari a come from the 'beginning'. Seen. Him is entirely correct in him saying that many retain them colonial teachment mentality and since this teachment is very limited and distorted, is difficult for them to FORWARD past them teachment without getting to the NATURAL Livity. Them a remain within the limitations and no go no further. Me see it here all the while.

Rastafari has it's discipline, but that discipline is within the NATURAL LAWS of NATURE... which is the covenant of the Almighty Creator placed right here in front of IanI and just needs to be seen!

But many de go stick them face in a book of man and ignore the book of the Almighty, written in the wind and the tree and the flow a the river and the FLASH a the lightening!! And so them overstanding is limited by them mental as well as physical seperation from the Laws of the CREATOR.

And when the Rastaman a say "The WORD is written!!", many de think that that means it is written in a book or on a piece of stone or on papyrus. Well, Wisdoms a there fe true... but where did those Wisdoms come from?

The Rastaman a KNOW where...
and read the Wisdoms everyday!

IanI Rastafari a ONE with the NATURAL!!
There is no seperation or segregation!!

JAH de speaking all the while...
to everyone!
Without limitation...
is just for Ones to choose the RIGHTEOUS ROAD and LIVE LOVE.

Give Thanks and Praises fe the LIFE!
Faith is a WAY, not a denomination.
Everyone got the ability to live faith-fully.
IanI Rastafari a SEE the good and the bad and CHOOSE...

Rastafari is geographic... but why limit JAH geographically??
You see?
If me de stand pon the part a the Earth IanI call I-thiopia... IanI a SEE JAH!!
And if IanI stand pon the part a the Earth called Brooklyn, or South Africa, or China... IanI a SEE JAH!!

No limit youself man!
Learn de Laws a the Covenant and just LIVE!

LOVE a the Almighty Creation FORCE and POWER!!

Thanks and Praise
Thanks and Praise

IanI Rastafari

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