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Rastafari Media- Fire for BET/MTV/CNN/BBC
Posted: Saturday, March 1, 2003

Posted: By Ras Tyehimba
Saturday, 1 March 2003

Media and Its Impact on the Psyche on Afrikan People

Until the Lion has a historian of its own the tale of the hunt will continuously glorify the hunter and extol his bravery.

With the accelerated use and development of technology, the role of media in shaping how people think and act, has become a very powerful one. Who controls the bulk of mainstream programming as it relates to TV, Internet and radio and what are the implications of the information/disinformation that is propagated? The engine of globalization is humming and the tentacles of Hollywood are traversing the globe injecting the minds of people with its neo colonial venom. What is the impact of this on our children, what is the implication of this for following generation? What is the role of InI is this era where homosexuality is becoming as prevalent as toxic fast food. From America/Hollywood that brought us the fast food fad laced with carcinogenic toxins comes another western promoted fad: homosexuality. What is the effect of the promotion of this, especially on our young children who turn on the TV and are bombarded by images of two men in bed? Homosexual behavior is currently being shown on TV and promoted as being normal. And its about to get much worse because MTV is planning to open a new station targeted at gay audiences.

The continuous images of white people and the bombardment of these images on the psyche of non-white people are very damaging especially to children who are at a very tender stage of development. These images by their very nature perpetuate an inferiority syndrome that is very pervasive in some Afrikan people. This inferiority syndrome is one of the main reasons for the Afro phobic mentality often displayed by the recipients of this brainwashing. They see the white world as portrayed by the silver screen as the epitome of civilization and thus they want to be white. To be white is good to be black is to be evil. In this craze to whitewash themselves they ruthlessly pursue the American dream, only to discover that the American dream doesn't include them.

Among young people entertainment through movies and music videos are very popular, with Bet and Mtv being the prime stations. Analysis of the content of these is enough to make one retch with disgust as these stations are deeding the public with a steady diet of promiscuous sex, drugs, homosexuality, and carnal gratification. It is the peak of unconstructive and destructive entertainment. The rap artists do quite a lot of damage, spewing images of fast cars, 'bling bling' jewelry, brand name clothing, half nude women, and alcohol. This image that these things are the aim of life, and are the requirements for a good life is one of the most damaging images perpetuated on black people second only to the image of the white Jesus. These black rappers are just pawns, controlled by the American system to spread the word of American supremacy global. It is highly symbolic and significant that these rappers proudly call themselves 'niggers'

Only ignorant people would address themselves in such a self-demeaning manner.

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