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1 single right Rasta way?
Posted: Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Even if the highest truth were told most people would not get it.

Let me expand on another discussion I see on the board.

There is no 1 single right Rasta way!

How do people know that?

Could it be that many have not realize the fine line of conduct and experiences that qualifies one to be Rasta? Is it because many ignorant people claim to be something that the something is transformed to suit their ignorance?

If many people claim they are birds and are forceful about that, and then another group says that elephants are birds, is it then true to say that elephants and people are Birds?

What about the lone one who would simply call all of them fools.

If enough people over time call the tail of an Ass a leg does it mean that Asses suddenly have five legs?

Is it not true to say that there is no common understanding among many about what qualifies one to be a Rasta? Or is it that Rasta is now anything and everything because people disagree on what it is?

That is the reason I say history is important and when ones disagree on a limited version of history it is possible to search the much older history for deeper meaning.

I agree that everyone will not agree on the principle and processes for realizing Rastafari but who is to say it cannot be defined. How does anyone know that there is not a single qualifying quality that determines if one is really a Rasta?

Again, I agree that in the minds of many there will be no common agreement on these matters I put forward and that is the reason for ongoing discussions.

Rasta was defined in ancient times before its Jamaican resurgence and even if many now claim to be Rastafari, it remains in essence what it always was. It is up to the real truth seekers to search and discover its essential meaning.

What was it in the beginning?

That is the question, for as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

It is in the simple reasonable truths that the common bond of everything is evident.

If many now agree that there is no 1 way then what is the fuss when different people come to the table with opposing views? Why moderate? Once people agree that some conduct is unacceptable then in truth they are trying to define Rastafari.

If it is left to any interpretation then there is no reason to moderate.

I agree that it is people's right to claim anything and to share what they believe. But there is an underlying oneness in all things that leads to one way.

In my mind Rasta is definable in a manner that respects all people. But even if I see clarity in my definition many others may not, so let the discussions continue.

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