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Rastafari- Gatherers of Wisdom
Posted: Sunday, February 2, 2003

Posted By: IanI
2 February 2003

"from HIM come knowledge and overstanding; He has counsel stored for the Righteous, He guards those who walk honestly, protecting the paths of Justice and guarding the Way of His devout Ones." Pro 2:6

Greetings in the Name of the Almighty Most High
Jah Rastafari!

The Ancient sages were quite aware of the problems in human behaviour, and when writing evolved in some societies they wrote about it often. All Wisdom comes from deep within IanI Heart/Mind. It is easy for some to read some ancient writings and either appreciate and see or get confuse an mis-interpret. Others no have the option of ancient text or reading or writing. Does this eliminate them from Wisdom?... from Righteousness?

Of course not.

All IanI must come to overstand that Rastafari is not a 'religion' and making comparisons to 'other religions' or arguements against 'other religions' has no basis. Rastafari transends 'religion'. Rastafari transends 'culture'. Rastafari transends 'borders'. Rastafari transends 'beliefs'. All these things...religions, cultures, borders, beliefs... are fabrications of human ignorant behaviour. And all a them lead to problems when there is no foundation of Transendent Wisdom.

The Rastaman is an observer of Life and a gatherer of Wisdom. It is not an easy road. It is narrow, steep and rugged... and there are many side roads that entice and lead astray. Jah know that the road must get rough in order for IanI to stand Firm and gain strength! The Rastaman have become aware of the brainwashment placed upon IanI people for hundreds of years. Rasta know that the ancient writings of the sages have been held in the hands of the Roman conquerers and been mis-translated and mis-interpreted and preached with LIES! But IanI know that LOVE is the Creative Force an Power of Jah Kingdom and transends all lies and perversions. And it is the Higher Heights of AWARENESS that bring IanI out of the brainwashment and take IanI ever forward into the Heart/Mind of the Almighty Creator.

The guiding Force of IanI Livity is LOVE. Love of self, Love of Bredren an sistren, Love of ALL Living Creation as a wonderment of the Creator! IanI realization is that IanI have been led blindly down the wrong road by 'church an state' for them own selfish purposes from them own greediness. And so IanI Rastafari REJECT that road and turn now to the uplifting road... realizing IanI worth and value as manifestations of the Almighty LOVE FORCE... JAH!


Sistren and Bredren... Wisdom is a most precious thing. More precious than silver and gold. More precious than big house and car. More precious than electricity and computer. You see... all a dem things can be GONE in a huge gust a wind! WHOOSH!!... gone!
But seek Wisdom and the Almighty LOVE will bless you over and over and over.

The Rastaman is LIVING LOVE.
Anywhere and everywhere!

Seek the Ones of Wisdom, for there is the glow of the eternal Light! There is the kindly spirit. There is the One that can do all things. There is the One with the radiance of the MIGHT of JAH!

"Get Wisdom, get overstanding! Do not forget or turn aside from the words that I speak. Forsake Her not and She will preserve you; Love Her and She will safeguard you. The beginning of Wisdom is:
Get Wisdom at the cost of all you have, get overstanding!
Glorify Her and She will exalt you: She will bring you honours if you recieve Her: She will put on your HEAD a coronet: a GLORIOUS CROWN will She bestow upon you!" Pro:4:5-9

Give thanks and praises.
IanI Rastafari
Guidance and Protection

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