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Spirit: Love ina the house
Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2003

by Ras Howard

Bredren the word spirit, how did InI learn about it, what is and also the meaning of the word that was translated to today spirit.. Bredren I man know or forget most of what jesus is about, I grow up in a church that I man grandfather own in dem days in jamaica, one day I ask him if there is no black angels in heaven or else where, whereas on the walls of the church in those days were only pictures of everything white,white angels, white heaven, white clouds, white rose, nothing to represent the nigga, he give I a look that simple tell I that no one has ever ask him this question before and right away I see that he grasp somtething new even when he did not say, a lot of things that one and one claims sey the KING mention I am not saying he did not.

What I am saying is the KING expect his children to look between lines of HIS reasonings to babylon. When did christianity reach ETHIOPIA? and what did they con-vert our brothers and sisters from to christianity?

Is christianity our original ZION movement or is it a new thing forced on us by the colonizers? What did the KING con-vert from to christianity, because I don't know about you but I know sey InI never know anything about god nor jesus christ his only begotten son untill the brainwashers came to steal everything from us and replace us with their illusions.

Listen to this what a white mixed with indian told me, he said that most black people is going over a cliff on a dead end king james errand. since christianity was not original in zion. You do not realize that somebody keep throwing away the old for the new. Well I father said I must never do that, last but not least KING SELASSIE I children are thinkers. The KING tricked baby-lon letting them think he was along with them and RASTA children fi know this, the KING is the wisest trodding the EARTH dem times. I notice that bothers and sisters is been caught up in the trap that was mean't for baby-lon.


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