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Spiritual Prostitutes
Posted: Wednesday, October 16, 2002

The Progeny of Neo-Colonialism and White Racism
(Part One) Re recent conference in Barbados on racism

by Ras Jahaziel

The historical white racism that created The White World Order of this day has become a self-regenerating ideological and economic system that makes it no longer necessary for whites to be racist on an individual level. This self-regenerating ideology of white racism has been established for so long on both sides of the railway track that it has acquired an aura of credibility, respectability and normality. As a result, the inferior behavior that Blacks were forced to adopt in an effort to escape their own outlawed and scorned identity has now become fashionable and normal. The victims of such scorn have been convinced of their own inferiority and have firmly resolved to convert to the image of their Caucasian master and mistress. Because their basic view of themselves and the world has been learned from the centuries-old manual of white racism, the victims have actually been enlisted in the oppression of their own image as well as their own kind. Though their skin is black, they have become chauffeurs on the carriage of white racism.

Oppression of THE BLACK IMAGE was the first code of the plantation, and it was instituted in order to make real the lie of African inferiority.

Oppression of one's own image is the same as oppression of one's own kind. Whenever a Black woman perms her hair in the Caucasian image of the slave-mistress she is automatically collaborating, even if unknowingly, in the centuries-old oppression of her own kind and also cooperating in the original racist scheme to clone A NEGRO. The cloned Negro was supposed to be AN INFERIOR COPY of the Caucasian slave-master and slave-mistress. By their futile attempt to attain straight hair, straight nose, white skin, and blue eyes, an image which they were not biologically equipped to attain, they thereby made real the lie of Black inferiority, and gave their owners great pleasure at seeing ludicrous yellow-headed and straightened hair caricatures of themselves. When slave behavior becomes fashionable and normal, CLONING is complete.

Racist slave-masters well understood that if the mother of Black civilization could be coopted in oppressing her own image, the rest of Black civilization would be raised from the cradle nursing on the complexes of inferiority. Because of the great success of this mission, there is no longer any need for a white slave-master or a white slave-mistress to be around, because the mother of Black civilization has been tricked into pinning the white beauty standard and the badge of inferiority on her progeny. Therefore even when no white folks are around, WHITE RACISM still enforces itself in the Black community. In that manner the ideological system of white racism has become self-regenerating. Once the germs have been sown, the victim becomes a carrier.

In addition to the psychological operation of cloning THE NEGRO, the robbery and enslavement of Blacks fostered an economic system that operates on a basic law which says you must have money to get money. Of course, if you had been already robbed of your land and your natural resources, you would not have started off the race with money, so the only money you would ever get would be determined and measured by those who started off with the money that was gained from having slaves and stolen property.

Emancipation therefore became a smokescreen that actually legitimized and perpetuated A PERMANENT GAP between the inheritors of the slave-master legacy and the inheritors of the slave-legacy. From the very beginning of the race for economic development, the basic laws of the race left no possibility for there to ever be a catch up. That is why the nations that benefitted from robbery and slavery are so far ahead and Africa is so far behind. This head-start that came from having slaves, now makes it possible for the recipients of the said legacy to not have slaves but get increasing benefits from the time when they did have slaves, because money begets more money and so there is no longer any need to be personally racist.

Because of this ongoing historical reality of white racism which has been systematized and impersonalized, life for the victims is a constant battle with invisible racist forces which predetermine the quality of their human existence, and this battle takes place even when the races are not in contact. Meaningful debate about racism is therefore not about the need for blacks and whites to become color blind and intermarry, because even if they do become friends and lovers, the dynamics of white racism will still be inflicting pain. Its impersonal, systematic, and robotic nature makes it totally indifferent to what form of human relationship exists between the races. The educational system, the information system, the political system, the legal system, the religious system and the economic system have long been geared to perpetuate the status quo of the plantation, so without radical change to all of these systems, being COLOR BLIND will not change anything. None of these systems are color blind, and even the most well-meaning of whites are forced by the economic chains which also grip them too, to cooperate in the maintenance of The White World Order. The same also goes for the Black victims. They too cooperate in the maintenance of The White World Order because of the controlling force of economic chains and psychological chains.

The robot has become bigger than its maker and independent of its maker. In fact, when the emphasis is placed on becoming color blind, Acute Negro Psychosis always tends to increase. That is why racial integration without restoration of the black psyche which has been damaged by the teachings of black inferiority and white superiority can only serve to perpetuate the hypnotic trance that is now the legacy of black slavery.

INTRUSION is the first crime of white racism.

Even the most sacred of Black spiritual spaces have been invaded and contaminated by violence and destruction, to the extent that there are no longer any black sacred spaces left haloed and uncontaminated from intrusion. The mummies of Black ancestors, the great Black Kings, Black Queens and Pharaohs are right now being dissected in white laboratories as white scientists peep up in their insides, and all of their sacred possessions are now in white museums exposed to the same peeping intrusive eyes. The temples of the black man and black woman which are their living human bodies have also been penetrated and polluted ruthlessly by rape and sexual abuse throughout their long history of enslavement. Every day from the cradle their minds are being invaded with thoughts that emanate from the U-rocentrick soul. On a continual basis their psyche is being penetrated by THE WHITE IMAGE which is always dressed in robes of false superiority, whether it be in the form of blue-eyed Jeezus in church, or Hollywood "stars" on tv. Black sacred culture has been so profaned and commercialized that it is only valued now as a tourist attraction, a thing to be peered at by the same intrusive eyes. How then is it possible to decry and condemn the victims of such TOTAL INTRUSION for wanting to have family reunions without intrusion?

Who can blame a gathering of African peoples for wanting to discuss their strange and unique predicament amongst themselves? Who can blame them for wanting the opportunity to look around at each other and say "WE, the same we who were bound together at the bottom of the slave ship, the same we who have toiled and never got any pay, the same we who were raped and abused by the rapist's sperm, the same we who felt the lash of the slave-master's whip, the same we with whom no one wanted to mix, the same we who have been cast aside as non-humans, the same we who have always been scorned and kept down, the same we who were torn apart from the love of each other, the same we who never had a chance to be WE." ? Is it not A HOLY THING that those who never had a chance to come together in unity as "WE" should at last want to say "WE" without having to qualify that "we" ?

This desire and this sacred right is the first right that the scattered family of African peoples around the world must establish in order to regroup and rebuild that oneness which has long been prevented. It is a healthy sign that those who were taught to despise their own image are now wanting to savor the beauty of their own image without distraction from THE WHITE IMAGE that they have been so long forced to worship. It can be said of such a gathering, "This is a gathering of those who suffered the destruction of their natural image at the hands of white racism, and have come together to behold the mirror of their own painful experience in the faces of their family who were brutally ripped from their embrace almost forever."

There was a time when the cruelty and wretchedness of plantation slavery did not allow such ones to even cross over to the next plantation a few hundred yards away to see their loved ones. Even now economic chains still bind the vast majority of African peoples to the plantation that was chosen for them by their slave-master. And now at this late stage in history, that which ought to have been a common and regular occurence must now be hailed as a great historical achievement.

Condemnation of the attempt to reclaim the "WE' that was deliberately hindered by white racism is clear proof that white racism can even spring from liberal white mouths and black mouths too. But this is a logical outcome of the historical intruder's long years of arrogance, contempt, and insensitivity to the human dignity of African peoples. Long years of such INTRUSION accompanied by attitudes of contempt for the African sacred space have actually bred a sense of ENTITLEMENT which now causes indignation at the thought of putting an end to intrusion. Because the U-rocentrick thought process has now become a norm in black heads, it is not even surprising to hear the U-rocentrick echo proceeding from black mouths.

So because the evil of white racism has long been internalized by Blacks who now unconsciously echo the sentiments of their masters, it is quite obvious that a great part of the work of dismantling white racism has to be done amongst blacks themselves. Equally important is the internal work that has to be done amongst whites, for the simple reason that white racism is a cultural norm that is internalized from the cradle, and it permeates the fundamental myths of white society, conferring honor and sainthood on the architects of genocide and robbery. Fed from cradle on such myths which totally disembowel non-white peoples of their humanity, racism becomes such a normal world view that it is easy to be nice, liberal, and racist at the same time without even being aware of it.

Too often in addressing the evil of racism, failure to identify the root makes the problem look like a mankind problem, but the evidence of history shows that it is a white disease that eats black blood vessels. When one considers the fact that David Livingston never ended up on a plate, it is quite obvious where the real cannibals and savages have always had their nesting place. The truth must be faced that the ideological root of racism lies in the soil of U-rocentrick thought, and that which is often described as black racism is very often A REACTION to white racism when Blacks fail to act in the way that is expected of Negroes. As A GOOD NEGRO you are supposed to always act like you have "gotten over it and moved on." You are supposed to be totally non-racial and eager to be MIXED in order to demonstrate your voluntary amnesia. In former times when a slave failed to comply with the etiquette of Negro-hood it would be said that he was getting "uppity." Today this "uppity-ness" is now being used against the slave by describing it as racism, and thereby diverting attention from the real root of racism.

When the root is not properly identified there is naturally a tendency to generalize the problem, and the prescriptions for healing the infectious disease therefore consist of. integration medicines with the vain hope that intermarriage, color blindness and having at least one or two friends from the other race will effect a cure.

Such simplistic analysis of the disease of white racism will therefore never place emphasis on the system itself which has become master of the individual participants. The fundamentally racist economic and psychological structures which underpin racial domination and racial submission are indifferent to smiles and shake hands. Even with a Black government, a black judiciary, a black police force and a black army, one can yet suffer excruciatingly from white racism on a daily basis, because the black faces are just the deputies. They are not THE SHERIFF.

White racism is an international world order created on the profits from black slavery. It is the mother ship upon whose deck little black nations march. Dollar bill rule is assisted by mental slavery, and if the mind has not been thoroughly purged of the plantation blue-print, black political power is powerless in understanding and addressing the results of white racism.

If your mind is a product of the same white racist ideological and cultural system, it is most likely that you have grown to understand the master's point of view. You have been rehearsed by the education system of the plantation to see the reasonableness in what the slave-master is saying, and you have grown to understand why it is his land and not your land. That is what the plantation education system does for the Negroes of the plantation, it makes them forsake their own thoughts and prefer those of the master. The U-rocentrick education system endows the white mind and the white idea with a stamp of authority and God-hood, because after all, such education says that whites discovered everything including Black folks and brought them to civilization.

With such God-like authority conferred upon it, the white idea or the white mind can say "that plant is evil" and it can be expected that all the Negro minds will say "amen." Even though you are supposed to be an independent "black" government, if the white mind says "Your chief judge must wear a white head, and your speaker in the parliament must also wear a white head," it can be expected that the "black" government will say amen. The overshadowing power of long indoctrination will not allow the black mind to see the symbolism of "the white wig." Under the influence of long indoctrination, it will not be understood that such symbolism establishes the right and authority of the white mind to rule the black head and the black mouth. This explains why even under black governments the movement for African liberation has always been met with stout resistance. The black mind has been so conditioned to wait for authorization from the white mind that if the Pope, the Queen or the White House say "Rasta is the right way, stop persecuting them for practicing their culture," the black mind that now thinks of persecuting the Rastas could be expected to adopt a different point of view.

We should not forget that many times in history, plantations have been run by appointed slaves when the master was away, and to their credit, those plantations were run very efficiently, never wavering once from the master's point of view. Many times the slaves would be glad for the master to come back, because the need to prove their faithfulness caused the temporary masters to be real severe. If the real slave-master would give you twenty lashes for being black, the temporary masters would give you twenty for being black and twenty more for being a reminder of their own blackness which they despised.

The economic and psychological legacy of white racism has therefore become a robot that no longer needs whites to make a personal input. The program has already been laid down, and the many human parts of its machinery do their appointed tasks in order to remain on the vital payroll. The inherent evil in the system itself is actually endorsed, since CRIMES AGAINST BLACK HUMANITY are legitimized in the psyche of the victims and the victimizers by yearly observation of such festivals as Columbus day, Thanksgiving day, Settlers day, Hole Town Festival, Crop Over etc. Black humanity and Black self worth have therefore been ideologically relegated to the realms of unimportance and insignificance to such an extent that walking in another man's image now comes natural to the children of Africa. This is inevitable when all the annual rituals of the colonial plantation have succeeded in placing CRIMES AGAINST BLACK HUMANITY more firmly beneath the radar of human conscience.

These invisible economic and psychological forces which have been unleashed by historical white racism place the present-day victims in a predicament of wide-spread psychic pain which is shared only by those of similar fate wherever they are scattered. The evidence of this UNITY IN PSYCHIC PAIN is to be found in the music which emanates from their souls, be it Blues, Jazz, Soul, Gospel, or Reggae etc. They all draw from A UNITY OF PSYCHIC PAIN, and the music, the art and poetry that come from the soul often contradict the lie of having "gotten over it."

Despite this predicament, the precarious condition of economic insecurity, total dependency, and critical vulnerability that historic white racism has placed upon the inheritors of the slave legacy, now forces them to present an appearance of "the non-racial Negroes who have gotten over it." This situation is somewhat similar to one where a bully is standing on your toes but you have to smile and pretend he isn't doing it. Such forces if not resisted unceasingly can actually infect the victims with that wide-spread disease of ACUTE NEGRO PSYCHOSIS which is so prevalent today on the plantation.

But in accordance with the Willie Lynch Plan, the psychology that now operates in Middle Class Heaven is such that Negroes can actually "get over it" by immersing themselves in the hamburger and plastic bag delights which are commonly mistaken for progress. These ANESTHETICS of Hamburger Heaven help the Negro to desensitize his perception of pain to the extent that he becomes distanced from the pain of the majority of his race. It is not uncommon to hear such Negroes say "we Negroes over here in The Big House are different, we don't hurt so much like those out there who are always getting on so bitter." And they will say it very loudly, because it is very important that their master hears and makes note of their unflinching fidelity.

True to the spirit of Negro-hood, the Negro's brain will not be busy studying how to correct the vulnerable and insecure predicament which has been bequeathed to him by historical white racism. Instead, the Negro will be more concerned and agitated about the spoiling of the "good Negro" name, thinking that preservation of the good name will forestall the inevitable.

Negro-hood is so binding on the consciousness, that Negroes will try to preserve their servile hold on the plank until whenever the slave master pushes them off. Their lack of historical memory will not remind them that the Arawaks also had a good name and it never helped them to escape genocide. Despite the oncoming rush of the economic precipice which has no regard for Negro fidelity, misplaced concerns will naturally cause agitation over "those other ones who are giving us a bad name"

And so, the ANAESTHETICS of Middle Class Heaven continue to create a wide division between those that "haven't gotten over it and moved on" and those that have "moved on" to A LOANED PROGRESS, where month to month leases on borrowed houses, borrowed cars and borrowed gadgets is more important than your soul. It is therefore important to maintain the etiquette of the plantation and suppress the visions that come from your own natural origins, because such visions do not pay when neo-colonialism is the order of the day.

Ras Jahaziel http://members.aol.com/jahpaint/index1.html

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