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The Opposite of Racism Isn't Colorblindness
Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Posted By: Ayinde
Date: 16, July 02, at 5:23 p.m.
In Response To: The Opposite of Racism Isn't Colorblindness

empresschantee, you are so 100% correct.

Those are the points that others should understand especially when detractors come around trying to encourage amnesia under the disguise of 'onelove' or 'christianity'. These are concepts they do not practice and if they did they would join the few Whites who are busy trying to educate other Whites.

I hope people notice that I have posted articles written by Whites to show that the few hypocrites we encounter are not a reflection of all Whites. It is just that the more sensible Whites are few.

It is pain some of them feel when they see a congregation of Blacks working on their own issues and making the effort to give their own meaning to a life that most Whites do not value. Some of them are like informers and want to know what Blacks are planning so they lurk around trying to charm the vulnerable and divide the congregation.

Once I see this happening, I sharpen my swords and focus on the issues they should address. It is always instructive how the dishonest ones shy away from these discussions.

I do understand that some use these hypocrites to test their wits and sharpen their swords. These sensible ones are not a problem. But there are the “house negroes” who will always jump in defense of these hypocrites and I am not mincing words with them either.

Black people have been realizing salvation before White people evolved. White people are just Africans who lost pigmentation and OUR STORY and by extension salvation. Some are doing much to improve but others want to hold on to the destructive status quo.

Before the word Christianity was invented and before all their churches, Black people (although too few today) WERE REALIZING SALVATION and continue to develop in spite of all the opposition, so it is not the Black congregations that need saving. It is not Black people who want to own the world and developed weapons of mass destruction. It is not Africans who voted for that idiot of a US president. So let these hypocrites who do not respect African people's right to be different stay and learn or suffer and go. Let them learn of their own oppressions under the minority WHITE MALE CLIQUE who financially profit from all this ignorance. Then they may enter with an open mind and more respect. Until then, when they come with their Christian perversions and ‘onelove’ they are trying to maintain White superiority.

It is these issues that test the level of their awareness and shows their true intent. In this exercise the house slave also gets exposed.

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