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First step is to step back for the white RASTA.
Posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Posted By: Blair

Greetings and JAH blessings

Yes again another post on this whole white issue and the movement...but I make no apologies for it as I feel it needs to be re-said.

The first step and the best thing I believe we the white Rasta can do for the movement and for the reparation struggle is to step back. We need to give this movement back to the people who are really struggling. We need to take back our distortions, corruptions. To remove our issues of who is Christ and what colour he was. To remove our own issues of the NAM and our own issues of white thought we have bred into the movement.
We need to put the RASTA movement and its roots first well above our own trivial ideas that we throw around in need of being accepted into what is and should always be a black movement until all healing is reached.

This struggle is not about us and in knowing this we need to step down and let the brothers and sisters who this struggle is about stand up and teach how it really is and let them correct the mis-education of western thought and society that has shadowed the movement from the true light of doing and performing its work as what the first RASTA gathered to do.
The RASTA struggle IS A BLACK STRUGGLE and this should never be removed from its teachings. Never ever until again Africa and its people stand as an equal or above for its works.

How do we the White RASTA truly expect to be trusted by those within the struggle when we ourselves can not let the Black RASTA within there own movement move forward without us telling them how it should be or why it should be????

Yes we all preach equal rights with our pro-black ideas (That is the white idea of what is pro-black) and yes we all scream out for justice. However we do this while we trod over those who really struggle as again we oppress as we try to be the martyr when it is not ours to take.

Our calling for a culture and people to be given back which was once stolen as we use these people as the stepping stones to build our own egos.

The RASTA movement is not a selfish movement or a quick fix. It is a struggle that needs closure and to get this we need to put trust and respect into it by letting those who are at the heart of the struggle lead it. We need to step back and support it in everyway it turns but we need to do this with the true RASTA leading the way. The true RASTA being those at the heart of the struggle.

My work in the movement is not about me but it is what will be in the future when there is true respect and trust and the movement has succeeded in its work and my children and great grand children can stand as RASTA themselves because we in this time stood behind the movement and its people and backed them up and let them lead the movement down the right path which is a path only the true RASTA can overstand and know.

Please overstand I am not being anti-white within the movement here as I am also white but I do know that I could never know how it feels to be of black skinned and oppressed and because of this I have no right to stand up as a RASTA and put the true fighters behind me. I can never guide them or teach them. I can only step back and let them guide me and teach me.

I please ask all White RASTA and Black RASTA to give the movement back and have the trust and faith in the real people who struggle so as they can lead the movement how it should be led, which is from its roots.
Our first step should be our step back and a step forward for the movement. Remember this is not about us but about the movement so lets trust the movement at its roots and let it do its work in giving what is owed back to those who await it.

RASpect and JAH blessings
Iheart Militia

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