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Hail to a Prophet: El Hajj Malik El Shabbazz (Malcolm X)
Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Malcolm X

Posted By: Raz Marcus

Hail all Ises, i give solemn thanks and praises to one true prophet and martyr on this day Feb 21. This is a day marking one of our greatest black leaders entrance into Paradise, Father, teacher and brother, El Hajj Malik El Shabbazz: Malcolm X. Assasinated in the Audobon Ballroom in Harlem, NY 1965.

I can't say enough about the works and wisdom of this man, who was the fire Black people the world over needed, to face the DEVIL and the plots of deciet and oppression.

the unfortunate fact that MLK seems to get all the attention as the "acceptable" leader, overshadows the Fire of the true Prophet that was present during the same era. While many will debate or may not want to debate one over the other, it is not until one thoroughly studies Malcolm's visions, that ones can see more clearly how far advanced Malcolm was with so little dues of respect.

While MLK was busy kissing up to the very white man that was brutalizing, raping, decieving and oppressing black people. Malcolm knew the DEVIL from the distance and followed in the footsteps of Marcus Garvey: Race First.

Few people know that Malcolm's father Earl Little was a hardcore Garveyite, heading Michigan's UNIA branch in Detroit and Lansing. In fact little Malcolm would travel with his father to UNIA meetings in Detroit, never knowing that he would eventually rise to become a great Pan-African visionary himself, carrying on Garvey's works.

Most people don't like Malcolm because he called white people the devil. But history stands as a testament to the evil works that have been done. Even Christ told Peter, "get behind me Satan", and St. Peter could not be mentioned in comparison to what these demons have been doing to black people the world over.

While MLK was begging the white man for rights that were already possesed. Malcolm exposed the lying devils for what they were. Malcolm once stated:

"As long as Uncle Sam has black folks barking up the civil rights tree, they'll won't be thinking about the Human rights tree. As long as we fight for civil rights, we'll be under Uncle Sam's jurisdiction, and he can decide whether to give us civil rights or not. Why go to the white man to try and solve the problem, he created the problem, He's the CRIMINAL!!!!Yu don't take your case to the CRIMINAL, yu take the CRIMINAL to court".

And that is what Malcolm attempted to do. While MLK was begging for crumbs, Malcolm had master minded a way to take the United Snakes to the UN and charge it with violating the Human rights of black people, exposing the blatant lies of hypocrisy these Nazis live with day by day.

How did Malcolm propose to do this? Thru Africa!!!! In June of 1964, the OAU, headed by HIM, had convened a conference involving all the African heads of state, on a boat on the Nile river in Cairo, Egypt. The only outside observer, and non-head of state allowed on this boat, was the one Malcolm X, who came as a dignitary and representative of Black people in the western hemisphere. As several important issues were discussed, Malcolm X was working fervently amongst the different African leaders in getting support to take the United Snakes to the UN under charges of human rights violations!!!! This case could only be proposed at the UN thru an African delegate to the UN, since black people in the US had no representative other than the beast that oppressed them. Malcolm wrote a moving letter to the conference participants that stands as one of the most powerful declarations of Pan African solidarity of that time, reminding the African leaders of the struggle of Blacks in the west was one and the same with the African struggle in the east.

Unfortunately, his martyrdom came before this vision could be fulfilled. But his attempt sets Malcolm far apart from the antics of begging for justice from criminals!!!!

Like Garvey, Malcolm understood the global struggle against oppression for black people and the need for Black race unity. But Malcolm also saw what the white oppressors had done to all people's of color around the world, often stating the people of color from around the world all have a common enemy: The white man. Again history stands as the testatment to this truth, that we witness even more today!!!!

There are so many other chapters of Malik's life that blazed a path of truth for us to follow, I cannot tell all here. But if possible check out the web link below and listen in to our live broadcast salute to El Hajj Malik El Shabbazz on our radio program that can be heard online.

The Show airs every Sunday our tribute will be around 12 noon EST, our reggae program begins at 2pm EST. Yu can go to our station website at address below and click Listen.... remember SUNDAY at 12 noon!!!!!

Jah reigns Supreme
Raz Marcus

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