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Blacks Around The World Must Unite
Posted: Monday, December 10, 2001

by Pianke Nubian

The political, cultural, economic and racial of Blacks (Africans, Dalit Indians, Black Latin Americans, Melanesians, Australian Aborigines...others) is very important in this period of the history of Blacks on this planet.

Efforts to exterminate or forcibly destroy the culture of Blacks in Sudan and Mauritania (Africa), Latin America, Melanesia, Papua-New Guinea, West Papua, Australia, and North Africa is rampant. The time has come to take measures to begin the process of unification iin order to stop the atrocities that are being committed against Blacks, particularly in Sudan, Africa and West Papua. The very same types of people, inspired by the very same type of religions are responsible for GENOCIDE AGAINST NEGRITICS (BLACKS) IN SUDAN AND IN WEST PAPUA.

In order to put a stop to the atrocities, Blacks (Papuans, Melanesians, Australian Aborigines, ect...) in Melanesia and the region shiould and must unite with Blacks in the Americas (there are 300 millon Blacks throughout the Americas), Africa (with 800 million), Europe (abot five million), India (300 million Black Dalits/Untouchables and 300 million Black "Tribals."). The entire Black population of Melanesia/South Pacific Region may be about 30 million. (Read more on the ancient Black trade networks, "Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth," pub. by www.1stbooks.com also "Susu and Susunomics," www.iuniverse.com and "A History of the African-Olmecs: Black Civilizations of America from Prehistoric Times to the Present Era," pub. by www.1stbooks.com

The first agenda must be to convene a worldwide Pan-Negro conference, where all people of Black/Negritic/Black Australoid origins, who are victims of the same racism, colonialism, casteism and religious sanctified racism are suffering. WE ARE SUFFERING BASED ON ONE THING....OUR SKIN COLOR, OUR NEGRITIC/AFRICAN RACIAL ORIGINS.

(1) The Black community of Papua New Guinea, West Papua, Fiji, Melanesia, Australia, the South Pacific SHOULD WORK TO CREATE A SINGLE PAN-MELANESIAN NATION IN THE REGION. That can be accomplished by working to politically and economically unite the Melanesians, Papuans and Black Aboriginals, to work on methods of improving the economies and creating a regional and united force for self-defence

(2) Blacks of the Melanesian region, Papua-New Guinea/West Papua, East Timor, Australia and the region should work to unify with Blacks in Africa and America. So far, Africa has taken steps to unify the continent and that attempt is simply one stage of the OBJECTIVE OF IMPLIMENTING PAN-NEGROISM (THE UNIFICATION AND PROTECTION OF THE BLACK RACES OF THE WORLD), on a worldwide basis and stopping the atrocities and destruction of the cultures of Blacks. See more on this issue at http://community.webtv.net/paulnubiaempire

(3) Melanesians, Papua-New Guineans, West Papuans, Australian Aborigines and other Blacks in Asia MUST AND SHOULD JOIN IN THE YEARLY (PAN-AFRICAN/PAN-NEGRO) conferences that are held, where the liberation, economic assistance, military assistance and cooperation among the world's Black nations and communities is discussed.

The fact is, as far as Africans are concerned as well as Blacks in the Americas and elsewhere, Blacks in the Melanesian, Papan, Australian and South Pacific are part of the African/Black diaspora (see the book, "The Black Untouchables of India, pub. by www.claritypress.com see also "Susu Economics: The History of Pan-African Trade, Commerce, Money and Wealth," pub. by 1stBooks Library, www.1stbooks.com email, 1stbooks@1stbooks.com ) One writer Runoko Rashidi and others such as V.T. Rajshekar made that point clear in their works ( see http://www.cwo.com/~lucumi/runko.html ) or www.raceandhistory.com

During the 1960's and 1970's, when Africans in Africa and elsewhere were fighting for their independance, so were Blacks in East Timor, Papua and Melanesia. Senegal, an African nation along with others took an interest in contributing to the liberation of Black people in these Pacific nations. Today, the objective of Pan-Africanism or Pan-Negroism (which includes uplifting the entire Negritic population of planet earth) is still one of the strong political objectives of Blacks, although many isms and confusing schemes are aimed at pulling Blacks apart.

As long as Blacks continue to suffer and continue to be exploited, the need for African and Black world unity will forever remain. When we are totally free of alien racist and sanctified religious colonialism, we will still need unity and cooperation in order to maintain our upward mobility and security, just as Europeans will do everything to maintain theirs.

In retrospect, the time has come for Blacks in Papua-New Guinea, West Papua, Fiji, Melanesia, Australia and the entire Pacific/Asia region to unite among themselves and work for unification and military, economic, cultural and other types of unity and cooperation among Blacks in places like America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and elsewhere.

The colonialists, occupiers of Black lands, religious imperialists will do all they can to tell Blacks they are not "Black," and they have no connection. Yet, these same people will use the racism and the sanctified racism of their religions to implement oppression on ALL BLACKS BECAUSE OF OUR FACTUAL CONNECTIONS AND THE FACT OF OUR BEING

When Blacks around the world unite economically, culturally and militarily to stop the atrocities being committed against Blacks in Mauritania (occupied by Arabs and Berbers), Sudan (occupied by Arabs), West Papua (also occupied), New Caledonia, parts of India and parts of Northern Africa, it is when we will be able to develop on a worldwide scale. As long as Blacks in places like Colombia, Brazil, other Latin American nations, parts of Africa, Europe, North America, Melanesia, India and Australia continue to be divided, we are going to be like scattered grains of sand over the planet, with no strength and no power.

Just try this for once. Let the Black Melanesians of Papua New Guinea, West Papua (Irian Jaya), Melanesia, Australia and Torres Straits and the entire region unite into a single Nation, just as the Japanese composed of thousands of islands and the Philipinos and Indonesians are made up of thousands of islands but are still united. When Blacks in Melanesia accomplish this objective, the racist poliies of "ASIANIZATION" AND GENOCIDE BEING WAGED ON BLACKS IN MELANESIA WILL HAVE TO STOP.


Can Australia and New Zealand feel safe today?? They ought to help Melanesia unify and build a strong Black nation of more than twenty million people in the region, well armed and politically and economically strong and pwoerful. In a few decades, Indonesia, China, Japan and other nations in the region may implement their "Asianization" policy and overrun Australia, where the Black Aboriginal population has suffered enough.

In retrospect, it should be and is the duty of Blacks everywhere to join in unity with Blacks in Melanesia as well as the South Pacific and India, some of the world's most oppressed, in order to bring about the development of Blacks in Asia. We should then unify all over the world and stop the genocide, economic deprevation, exploitation and racism being committed against Blacks all over the world.

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